Teardrop Advertising Flag (Double Sided)


This Teardrop Flag Banner Stand is a superb method to draw customers to your location.

With double sided printing we electronically print on two pieces polyester fabric and stitch them together. This offers a readable image from each side of the flag unlike single sided prints.

Comes complete with flag/pole/stake or cross base.


item # TDF09


9' Teardrop Flag

item # TDF11


11' Teardrop Flag

item # TDF13


13.5' Teardrop Flag

Teardrop Advertising Flag (Single Sided)


Comes complete with flag/pole/stake

item # SSTDF09


9' Teardrop Flag

item # SSTDF11


11' Teardrop Flag

item # SSTDF13


13.5' Teardrop Flag


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